About Us

Welcome to the Hempstead Now! Campaign for the Tuesday, March 16, 2021 Village of Hempstead Election. Our Democratic candidates are Waylyn Hobbs, Jr. for Mayor, Kevin D. Boone & Clariona Griffith for Trustees, and Brianna Vaughan for Village Justice. They have been officially screened by members of the local Democratic Party and leaders of the clergy, youth, senior, business & veterans communities and were all voted best-qualified to serve our village.

Why Hempstead Now?

The Hempstead Now! team believes that our great Village, the HUB, the largest Village in the country deserves and must demand more now. We are the center of transportation for Nassau County with a railroad and central bus station, the home of Hofstra University; Hempstead should receive it's fair share of services and a greater quality of life now. Our team of experienced professionals who have a wealth of community service and a deep love for this village, believe that it's time for Hempstead's residents to feel safe, secure and proud of their community now. We believe that our downtown areas should be walkable and enjoyable now for families with children and seniors so that no one feels a need to venture out of their community for services that should be available right here. Hempstead deserves its fair share now - not down the road. We want our children to grow up here and enjoy their community now. We want our seniors to retire here and enjoy the fruits of their labor now. No more waiting. IT'S TIME FOR HEMPSTEAD NOW!