Waylyn Hobbs Jr.

Village Mayor Candidate – March 2021 Elections

Waylyn Hobbs Jr. has been a resident of the Village Of Hempstead for over 50 years. Waylyn is the senior pastor of The Coney Island Cathedral Church in Brooklyn for the past 27 years. Where he has been instrumental in helping to turn a once forgotten community around. Waylyn was elected Trustee for the Village of Hempstead in 2019. He previously served in the position from 2013-2015. Trustee Waylyn Hobbs Jr. brings a wealth of experience to his office, former Deputy Mayor, Vice president of the school board, commissioner of the Hempstead Housing Authority, where he was able to bring the Housing Authority from having a troubled Housing Authority status. He has a strong history of developing and managing large governmental budgets and operations. Walyn is married to Donna, a Lt. Commander US Navy reserve and surgical nurse at Saint Francis hospital. Together they are the proud parents of three adult children.


Clariona Griffith

Clariona Griffith was born in a country named Guyana, located in South America. She later migrated to Hempstead, New York with her parents. She’s been a resident of Hempstead for 40 years. Clariona is also a mother of two young men and a grandson. With great support from her parents Howard and Desiree Wright, who are also residents of Hempstead, Clariona continues to make great strides in her community and in her career life. For the past 25 years Clariona continues to dedicate her life to serve her community by helping to feed the less fortunate. As well as finding homes for those in need for the month of November 2020.  With the help of others, they were able to place 36 undocumented individuals who were homeless in front of V&T Supermarket in Hempstead. With their persistence and hard work they were able to get the less fortunate permanent housing through the department of social services. During the pandemic, Clariona and Hempstead Caring Hearts and few other local residents were able to feed thousands of residents and  give Christmas gifts to children during the holiday season. They also helped drop off PPE to our local businesses. Her service have always been in high regards to her faith, family, and community. Clariona is the President of the Hempstead Chamber Commerce and co- owner of Safechild Early Learning center.

Kevin D. Boone

Village Trustee Candidate – March 2021 Elections

Kevin D. Boone is a lifelong resident of the Village Of Hempstead. Kevin worked for the Village for over 30 years before retiring two years ago. He has been a licensed realtor for 13 years. Kevin has been a Village Of Hempstead Volunteer Fire Fighter for 24 years. Member of the LI African American Chamber of Commerce & Village Of Hempstead Chamber Of Commerce. Kevin is on the Board of Directors for the Hempstead Community Land Trust and the Fair Housing Task Force for Nassau County under County Executive Curran. He is currently President of The New Hempstead Democratic Club.


Brianna Vaughan

Village Justice Candidate – March 2021 Elections

Brianna Vaughan is a candidate for Village Justice. Brianna was born and raised in Hempstead. Immediately prior to running, Brianna served as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) at the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office. Brianna litigated numerous cases, to disposition and verdict. Brianna has always had an affinity for service within Hempstead. While at the District Attorney’s Office Brianna co-chaired the NCDA Youth Advisory Council, and mentored students on Terrace Avenue afterschool. When in High school Brianna worked with the District Attorney’s Office to create a memorial for Michael Alguera, after he was slain on Hempstead High-School’s campus. Brianna is currently the President of the Hempstead chapter of the Lions Club. Brianna received her undergraduate degree from the University of Albany, SUNY and her juris doctorate from Albany Law School. She is admitted to the bar in New York.