Brianna Vaughan | Village Justice Candidate – March 2021 Elections

Brianna Vaughan is a candidate for Village Justice. Brianna was born and raised in Hempstead. Immediately prior to running, Brianna served as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) at the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office. Brianna litigated numerous cases, to disposition and verdict. Brianna has always had an affinity for service within Hempstead. While at the District Attorney’s Office Brianna co-chaired the NCDA Youth Advisory Council, and mentored students on Terrace Avenue afterschool. When in High school Brianna worked with the District Attorney’s Office to create a memorial for Michael Alguera, after he was slain on Hempstead High-School’s campus. Brianna is currently the President of the Hempstead chapter of the Lions Club. Brianna received her undergraduate degree from the University of Albany, SUNY and her juris doctorate from Albany Law School. She is admitted to the bar in New York.