Noah Burroughs | Village Trustee Candidate - March 21, 2023 Elections

Noah Burroughs grew up in Hempstead and was taught the importance of education. He applied that philosophy instilled in him by his parents and his mentor Mr. Ronald Philibert. His parents understood the benefit of an education, so they, along with some outstanding teachers in the Hempstead School District, guided him in mapping out a blueprint for his future. 

Noah was fortunate to have the foresight to know which profession he wanted to pursue at a young age. His first goal was to become a professional football player, and his second goal was to become an educator.

Noah's mentor and other teachers at the Hempstead Public Schools provided him with the foundation for success through academics. Following the blueprint created by his parents and teachers, he graduated from Hempstead High School and attained degrees from both University at Buffalo and Touro University.

Trustee Burroughs has delivered on his promise to restoring the Village of Hempstead to prominence. Trustee Burroughs, alongside Mayor Hobbs and Board members, they have repaired 12 roads in 2022 another 10-12 are scheduled to be fixed in 2023. He has also kept his campaign pledge to focus on the quality of life of our seniors by collaborating with the Housing Authority commissioners to ensure the safety and interior repairs of senior buildings. Trustee Burroughs saw to increasing a police presence at all our senior housing residents.  As part of his efforts to support our seniors, Noah helped organized a successful outing to see Wakanda Forever, lastly at our Village Summer Concert Series, he along with deputy Mayor Daniels funded complimentary refreshments for all Village senior citizens. 

One of Trustee Burrough's goals is to continue working with the Village of Hempstead youth. His partnership with the NFL's Inspire Change which is a financial support and social justice reform initiative will help save our school facilities with partnerships.  This partnership can allow the district to apply those monies for the educational tools rather than facilities.

Noah's vision is for the children of Hempstead to see him as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that you can succeed here. They should know they can stay in our community and be proud to be a Hempstead success story. He wishes that residents of Hempstead, and my own family could age peacefully and with all the enjoyment they deserve – right here at home.